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What is the Assistance Fund of the Denver Teachers' Club and who may use it?
The Assistance Fund is a 501C3 corporation, funded through donations, memorials, estate bequests, and proceeds from our yearly Raffle. With these funds we purchase and maintain medical equipment for use by any member of the DPS community, and their immediate family members.

What medical equipment can be obtained through the Assistance Fund?
We have in stock, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, crutches, bath benches, hospital bed tables, commodes, toilet & tub accessories, and more. If you have an equipment need, call the Club office to see if we can help.

How do we maintain and sanitize our equipment?
We have a part-time employee on staff who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all our equipment. We depreciate our equipment on a five year schedule. In addition, if equipment becomes unusable, due to disrepair or damage, we donate it to another non-profit, Project Cure, a locally owned organization that distributes equipment to third-world countries. We renew our supply regularly as needed, and we keep a constant watch for new items for home health care.

What is the cost for use of the equipment?
$0.00.... That's right. This service is free to active and retired DPS employees and their immediate family members. Many of our satisfied customers make yearly contributions to the Assistance Fund, to ensure it's continued operation for future generations.

What is a reasonable amount of time for an individual to keep equipment?
We have no time limit. Our policy is that you keep the equipment until you are comfortable without it.


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